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Why any belief in lack, scarcity, or limitation is false
The ‘Abundance Flip Switch’: 2 techniques to instantly align your vibration to abundance
How to heal your relationship with money
And a huge bunch more!
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An exercise to instantly reveal your current state of ‘money consciousness’.

Money myths: how and why most of what you believe about money isn’t true.

How to awaken to universal abundance and open to RECEIVE it!

The greatest shift in consciousness you can make to heal your abundance issues and allow yourself to start generating and receiving more money in your life now!

What ‘Heart Vision’ is and how you can use it to transform your present reality.

60 limiting money beliefs apparent in sayings, statements and aphorisms and how these can be debilitating your financial abundance. Identify any you hold so you can break free!

‘Like parent like child’: limiting family patterns that may be affecting your abundance.

How to release attachment and neediness that can perpetuate scarcity.

Money and fear: how and why you might be afraid of generating wealth.

Why and how it’s important to ‘get prepared’ for more money in your life.

What tithing is, and what’s vitally important if you chose to tithe.

How forgiveness can open the floodgates to love, freedom and abundance.

Opening the doors to co-creation for effortless success.

14 ways to exercise giving in your life (and how that helps you open to abundance and receiving).

The importance of receiving and how to flex your ‘receiving muscle’.

Why connecting to your True Self will unlock your abundance.

Why not to make money a ‘how to’.

The importance of doing what you love and loving what you do.

How to heal your relationship with money.

Why any belief in lack, scarcity, or limitation is false, and how to bust free.

The Abundance Flip Switch: 2 techniques you can use to align your vibration to abundance.

And more!

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